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Sorry Sorry!!!!

I will update my blog later....wait 4 my next post.........

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seminggu ag nk rye doe...ak nk gtau ak lek sok..yeay,,p kan...
hurm,,,ad bende yg blaku td wak ak moody siak
seseungguhny ak bposa...huhu :((
ak x expect bende ne happen au...tggu bus punye lme...wahai 302..ko p ane td?leteh ak tggu...xkesian ke tgk kmi nk lek cpt...nk tdo..penat...

"SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR N BATIN"(smgt nk rye ak neh)..lallalA

Friday, August 20, 2010

KIPAS NO MORE..........

Baru je balik dari bazzaar baru ku tau yang kipas bilik aku dah meninggal dunia..........
Hati ini bagai dilukai...
Kipss I LOVE YOU............
Menempuh hari hari yang mendatang tanpa kipas, seperti azab.........
TENSEN !!!!!!!!!!

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Salam ramadhan buat pengikut blog saya....
Penuhi bulan ramadhan dengan amalan ....Banyakkan sedekah...mantapkan iman....

SELAMAT BERPUASA..................

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The Twilight Saga:Elipse

The Twilight Saga:Elipse

My rewiew-
Actually the twilight saga series is not my cup of tea...But what i can say this movie is average..i would give 4/10


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-Twelve-year-old Dre Parker could've been the most popular kid in Detroit, but his mother's latest career move has landed him in China. Dre immediately falls for his classmate Mei Ying -- and the feeling is mutual -- but cultural differences make such a friendship impossible. Even worse, Dre's feelings make an enemy of the class bully, and kung fu prodigy, Cheng. With no friends in a strange land, Dre has nowhere to turn but maintenance man Mr. Han, who is secretly a master of kung fu. As Han teaches Dre that kung fu is not about punches and parries, but maturity and calm, Dre realizes that facing down the bullies will be the fight of his life.

# Cast: Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan, Taraji P. Henson, Wenwen Han, Rongguang Yu
# Director: Harald Zwart
# Genres: Drama, Coming-of-Age, Sports Drama
Runtime:2 hr. 20 min.

My review:6/10





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Nice movie....Starring Tom Cruise And Cameron Diaz.....
My review:8/10
For me it is a very interesting movie.....

The film went through a period of "development hell"; which included a prior film director and multiple writers that worked on the script. Producers for Knight and Day went through multiple other actors for the lead roles before eventually settling on Cruise and Diaz. Adam Sandler, Chris Tucker, and Gerard Butler were considered by the film's producers for the male lead that later went to Cruise, and Eva Mendes was initially set for the role that Diaz later portrayed in the movie.


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Knight and Day follows the adventures of Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) - whose real surname is Knight - and June Havens (Cameron Diaz). After literally bumping into Miller twice at the airport on the way home from Wichita to pick up car parts, Havens is told she has been bumped to a later flight. Meanwhile, Agent Fitzgerald (Peter Saarsgard), believing Havens is working with Miller, puts her back on the plane. Completely taken with Miller, Havens goes to the restroom; and the remaining passengers all attack Miller. Miller kills them all and props the bodies up in their seats. Havens emerges from the restroom, where she has been freshening up in the hopes of a sexual encounter with Miller. Having heard nothing, she is totally unaware of the attack on him. After a forward moment where Havens kisses Miller, he calmly informs her that everyone on the plane is dead, including the pilots. Believing it a joke, Havens plays along until Miler enters the cockpit and the bodies of the passengers begin to shift around the plane. Crashing into a corn field, Miller delivers Havens home after drugging her and explaining that other agents will visit and that, if they constantly repeat that she is being taken somewhere "safe and secure", they are planning to kill or imprison her.

Waking up at home, Havens struggles through a day fitting a bridesmaids dress for her sister April's (Maggie Grace) wedding, and is shocked to learn her sister would like to sell their father's car, which Havens had planned on finishing as a wedding present. Havens is then picked up by a group of intelligence agents. Miller arrives and, through a long gunfight on the highway, kills several agents and reclaims Havens.

Havens flees at the first opportunity and contacts Rodney (Marc Blucas), a firefighter and former boyfriend. Believing Havens is merely stressed and is playing out a fantasy, Rodney tries to comfort her until Miller arrives and kidnaps Havens, handcuffing her and shooting Rodney in a specific non-vital area ,telling him this will all make him a hero and virtually guarantee his promotion to lieutenant.

Miller explains that Havens is safer with him; and Havens agrees to follow him as they go to pick up Simon Feck (Paul Dano), a genius inventor who created a perpetual energy battery called the Zephyr. Miller arrives at his safe house where he left Feck, only to find him gone, and the two are ambushed by men belonging to Antonio (Jordi MollĂ ), a Spanish arms dealer. After Miller again drugs Havens, she drifts in and out of consciousness between their capture and escape from Antonio's men, and Miller brings her to an island that is off the grid, which Miller uses as a safehouse. Accepting a call from her sister after leaving in frustration, Havens accidentally leads the CIA straight to the hideaway. They try to kill Miller and Havens with a remote drone.

Again knocking out Havens, Miller transports them to a train heading through the Alps, which Feck left as a message in code for Miller. Havens, missing a message from Miller, leaves to get dinner and encounters Danny (Rich Manley), a German assassin. Using tricks learned from Miller, Danny is knocked from a window and killed by a train.

Miller, after leaving Havens and Feck in a hotel in Spain, heads to a meeting with a mysterious beautiful woman with whom he is apparently willing to make a deal, and is followed by Havens, who is heartbroken to learn that Miller is apparently planning on selling the Zephyr to Antonio. After being picked up by the CIA and meeting the director of counter-intel, she uses a pen transmitter to notify them when Miller returns with the Zephyr, which is showing signs of overheating. After leading the CIA agents on a chase, Miller is apparently shot and falls into a canal.

Returning home, Havens heads to an address she remembered from Miller's iPhone, where she finds his parents and learns that his real name is Matthew Knight. They believe their son, a former Army sergeant and Eagle Scout, is dead; but they are fabulously wealthy from winning lotteries and sweepstakes they don't remember entering. Leaving a message that she has the Zephyr, she is captured by Antonio's men and taken back to Spain. She is drugged with truth serum before being rescued by Miller, who was tracking Fitzgerald, who was delivering Feck to Antonio.

Chasing Fitzgerald, Miller saves Feck from a bullet wound after handing over the Zephyr in a small satchel. Feck comments that the battery is unstable. The battery explodes, killing Fitzgerald; and Miller collapses from a gunshot wound. After waking in the hospital, Miller receives an apology from the director (Viola Davis), who tells him that Havens has returned home and claims that Miller can't be distracted. Miller is later given medication by a nurse, who turns out to be Havens. After Havens breaks Miller out of the hospital, he awakes as she drives away in the rebuilt GTO that belonged to Havens's father. After Miller asking what day it is, Havens kisses him and says it's someday. This is a reference from the start of the movie that they both have things they want to do someday, and Havens begins to drive towards Cape Horn.

KES BUANG BAYI..Apa nak Jadi????

Kes Buang Bayi...Apa nak jadi???

Mutakhir ini kita sering digemparkan dengan kes pembuangan bayi yang kian menular . Kes buang bayi ini seakan-akan telah menjadi satu rutin bagi pihak akhbar-akhbar arus perdana dalam melaporkan kes. Hampir setiap hari kes buang bayi ini terpampang di dada-dada akhbar sehinggakan ianya menjadi satu gejala yang biasa di kalangan masyarakat sekarang. Ini merupakan satu penghinaan kepada bayi yang merupakan sesuatu anugerah dari Tuhan. Kes-kes ini makin hari menjadi semakin kejam. Pada mulanya dicampak ke hutan, kemudian di tong sampah, longkang sehinggakan ke lubang jamban sekalipun masih ada mereka yang sanggup untuk melakukannya demi mengelak dari suatu tanggungjawab menimpa ke atas mereka yang akhirnya menjadi sesuatu azab bagi mereka yang bergelar bayi. Apa nak jadi ? Saya disini ingin memaparkan secebis gambar pembuangan bayi buat renungan dan pengajaran kita semua. Pesan say kepada remaja diluar sana, elakkan diri daripada terjerumus dalam kancah gejala sosial kerana ANDA dadalah generasi HEBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya Allah. Betapa dangkal dan tidak berperikemanusian golongan yang sanggup berbuat demikian. Belum sempat bayi melihat keindahan duni, mereka terus dibuang begitu sahaja dan nasib mereka seperti telur di hujung tanduk. Kempen kami prihatin dilihat mampu menjadi jalan terbaik bagi mengatsi gejala ini disamping mengenakan hukuman yang lagi berat kepada pesalah.
Cikgu Alvez menasihatkan kepada anda semua agar menyokong kempen ini dan melaporkan kepada pihak berkuasa sekiranya melihat kes ini berlaku.

LAGENDA BUDAK SETAN (Without Download Link)



Untuk filem ini, saya hanya berkesempatan menonton di pawagam. Filem ini amat menarik kerana ia merupakan adaptasi dari sebuah novel yang terkenal pada suatu masa dahulu. Secara keselruhannya saya boleh memberi 5.5/10 untuk filem ini. Jalan ceritanya baik cuma penghayatan perlu lebih lagi. Sountrack untuk filem ini amat baik.

P/s:DOwnload Link kali ni belum ada...(diharap bersabar)


Kasyah bersama rakan sekumpulannya, Sapi, Man dan Cin Cai merupakan pelajar nakal yang sering membuat onar dan terkenal kerana sering dikenakan tindakan disiplin. Mereka juga melabelkan kumpulan mereka sebagai anti perempuan. Namun, sikap dan kenakalan Kasyah berubah dengan kemunculan pelajar baru, Ayu. Ayu telah benar – benar menambat hati dan perasaan Kasyah, membuat dia jatuh cinta. Ayu mencabar Kasyah untuk berubah dan sebagai syarat untuk dia menerima Kasyah. Episod baru hidup Kasyah pun bermula.

Tiba masanya Kasyah perlu melakukan tugasan kajian tesisnya ke pedalaman. Kasyah berpisah sementara dengan Ayu. Azmi yang pernah mengecewakan Ayu, kini muncul kembali menagih cinta dari Ayu. Azmi hampa bilamana Ayu menolak permintaannya itu. Melalui ibu Ayu, Mak Leha, Azmi merencanakan sesuatu untuk membolehkannya bernikah dengan Ayu. Melalui perancangan Azmi, Mak Leha berpura sakit jantung dan tidak boleh kerisauan. Ayu yang serba salah terpaksa menerima Azmi dalam hidupnya, kerana bimbangkan keadaan ibunya. Ayu berkahwin dengan Azmi. Kasyah kecewa. Kebahagian yang diharapkan tidak menjelma.

Azmi kembali kepada tabiat lamanya yang pemabuk, panas baran, kaki perempuan dan sering membelasah Ayu. Suatu malam, mereka berdua bergaduh besar. Ayu yang dipukul bertindak melarikan diri dengan kereta. Ketika memandu dalam keadaan trauma dan emosi, Ayu hilang kawalan lalu kemalangan. Ayu cedera parah. Mukanya hancur. Azmi menuntut maaf tapi Ayu sebaliknya menuntu cerai dan minta wajah yang baru. Episod baru hidup Ayu pun bermula. Ayu yang kini berwajah baru tampil sebagai Emilia. Ayu ingin memulakan hidup baru dan melupakan episod dukanya.

Ayu / Emilia, menubuhkan syarikat melalui wang simpanan dan pampas an dari Azmi. Melalui kawannya, Suzana, Kasyah dijejaki dan dipelawa untuk bekerja dengan syarikat Emilia. Kasyah yang pada mulanya tidak menyangka apa – apa, mula mengesyaki sesuatu setelah baru bekerja. Melalui Suzana juga Kasyah mengetahui segalanya tentang Ayu / Emilia. Hubungan mereka kembali bertaut. Azmi yang sakit hati cuba mengagalkan hubungan itu kembali. Azmi sekali lagi meminta bantuan Mak Leha untuk memujuk Ayu / Emilia. Semasa di rumah Emilia, Azmi telah memukul Emilia dihadapan Mak Leha sehingga milia terjatuh dan tidak sedarkan diri. Emilia cedera parah di kepala dan hilang ingatan. Berbagai cara dilakukan oleh Kasyah dan Mak Leha untuk memulihakn ingatan namun belum berhasil. Emilia yang senakin pulih, akhirnya mengahwini Kasyah. Kebahagian yang diharapkan Kasyah tidak kekal lama. Ayu / Emilia meninggal dunia ketika melahirkan anak

Lakonan: Farid Kamil, Lisa Surihani, Que Haidar, Raja Farah, Sheila Mambo
Pengarah : Sharad Sharan
Syarikat Penerbit : Astro Shaw Sdn. Bhd.

TOY STORY 3..Download Link...


For Toy Story 3, i can only give 7/10. It was a good mowie and yet worth-watching. It can refresh back my memory when i watched Toy Story 2 during my tender age.
So, i provided you all with download links...If you have any problem do not hesitate to drop your comment.

Title: Toy Story 3
Release Date: 18 June 2010
Genre: Animation
Cast: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, John Ratzenberger, Joan Cusack, Michael Keaton
Director: Lee Unkrich
Writers: Michael Arndt
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures

Woody, Buzz, and the rest of their toy-box friends are dumped in a day-care center after their owner, Andy, departs for college.

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Toy Story 3 Trailer:

A WEEK LEFT...........


My holidays will be ended soon...When counting the days, OMG!!! Only 7 days LEFT before i am going back to USM...What i can say about my holiday it is a nice holiday, plus with my 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP FEVER that not yet been cured...To all of my buddy that has been reached USM, i hope you guys will spend time wisely....


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3 IDIOTS ....Download Link

A great 2009 bollywood movie starring Aamir Khan And Kareena Kapoor. 3 idiots has become the highest-grossing Film of all time in India. Can you guess why??? I am really love to watch this movie because the story plot illustrate how you can achieve excellence in your studies. I have watched this movie 19 times already...I would give 9/10 for 3 idiots....






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Substitle Link-DOWNLOAD NOW

(Make sure you rename the subtitle and movie file with the same name)

SYNOPSIS (Source:Wikipedia)

Farhan Qureshi (R. Madhavan), Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi), and Rancchoddas "Rancho" Shyamaldas Chanchad (Aamir Khan) are three engineering students who share a room in a hostel at the Imperial College of Engineering, one of the best colleges in India. While Farhan and Raju are average students from modest backgrounds, Rancho is from a rich family. Farhan wants to become a wildlife photographer, but has joined engineering college to fulfil his father's wish. Raju on the other hand wants to uplift his family fortunes. Rancho is a wealthy genius who studies for the sheer joy of it. However, Rancho's passion is for knowledge and taking apart and building machines rather than the conventional obsession of the other students with exam ranks. With his different approach Rancho incurs the wrath of dean of college, Professor Viru Sahastrabudhhe (ViruS) (Boman Irani). Rancho irritates his lecturers by giving creative and unorthodox answers, and confronts ViruS after fellow student Joy Lobo hangs himself in his dormitory room. Joy had requested an extension on his major project on compassionate grounds—his father had suffered a stroke—but ViruS refused, saying that he himself was completely unmoved by his own son's accidental death after being hit by a train. Rancho denounces the rat race, dog-eat-dog, mindless rote learning mentality of the institution, blaming it for Lobo's death.

Threatened by Rancho's talent and free spirit, ViruS labels him an "idiot" and attempts on a number of occasions to destroy his friendship with Farhan and Raju, warning them and their parents to steer clear of Rancho. In contrast, ViruS’ model student is Chatur Ramalingam or "Silencer", (Omi Vaidya) who sees a high rank at the prestigious college as his ticket to higher social status, corporate power, and therefore wealth. Chatur conforms to the expectations of the system. Rancho humiliates Chatur, who is awarded the honour of making a speech at an award ceremony, by substituting obscenities into the text, which has been written by the librarian. As expected, Chatur mindlessly memorises the speech, without noticing that anything is amiss, partly aided by his lack of knowledge on Hindi. His speech becomes the laughing stock of the audience, infuriating the authorities in the process.

Meanwhile, Rancho also falls in love with ViruS' medical student daughter Pia (Kareena Kapoor) when he, Raju and Farhan crash her sister's wedding banquet in order to get a free meal, in the process further infuriating ViruS.

Meanwhile, the three students continue to anger ViruS, although Rancho continues to come first in every exam, while Chatur is always second, and Farhan and Raju are inevitably in the last two positions. The tensions come to a head when the three friends, who are already drunk, break into ViruS's house at night to allow Rancho to propose to Pia, and then urinate on a door inside the compound before running away when ViruS senses intruders. The next day, ViruS threatens to expel Raju lest he talks on the other two. Unable to choose between betraying his friend or letting down his family, Raju jumps out of the 3rd floor window and lands on a courtyard, but after extensive care from Pia and his roommates, awakes from a coma.

The experience has changed Farhan and Raju, and they adopt Rancho's outlook. Farhan decides to pursue his love of photography, while Raju takes an unexpected approach for an interview for a corporate job. He attends in plaster and a wheelchair and gives a series of non-conformal and frank answers. However, ViruS is unsympathetic and vows to make the final exam as hard as possible so that Raju is unable to graduate. Pia hears him and angrily confronts him, and when ViruS gives the same ruthless reply he gives to his students, she denounces him in the same way that Rancho did over the suicide of Lobo. Pia reveals that Viru's son and her brother was not killed in an accident but committed suicide in front of a train and left a letter because ViruS had forced him to pursue a career in engineering over his love for literature; ViruS always mentioned that he unsympathetically failed his son on the ICE entrance exams over and over to every new intake of ICE students. After this, Pia walks out on the family home, and takes ViruS's spare keys with her. She tells Rancho of the exam, and he and Farhan break into ViruS's office and steals the exam and give it to Raju, who with his new-found attitude, is unconcerned with the prospect of failing, and refuses to cheat and throws the paper away. However, ViruS catches the trio and expels them on the spot. However, they earn a reprieve when Viru's pregnant elder daughter Mona (Mona Singh) goes into labour at the same time. A heavy storm cuts all power and traffic, and Pia is still in self-imposed exile, so she instructs Rancho to deliver the baby in the college common room via VOIP, after Rancho restores power using car batteries and a power inverter that Rancho had dreamed up and ViruS had mocked. Rancho then delivers the baby with the help of a cobbled-together Vacuum extractor.

After the baby is apparently stillborn, Rancho resuscitates it. ViruS reconciles with Rancho and his friends and allows them to take their final exams and they graduate. Rancho comes first and is awarded ViruS's pen, which the professor had been keeping for decades before finding a brilliant enough student to gift it to.

Their story is framed as intermittent flashbacks from the present day, ten years after Chatur vowed revenge on Rancho for embarrassing him at the speech night and promised to become more successful than Rancho a decade later. Having lost contact with Rancho, who disappeared during the graduation party and went into seclusion, Raju and Farhan begin a journey to find him. They are joined by Chatur, now a wealthy and successful businessman, who joins them, brazenly confident that he has surpassed Rancho. Chatur is also looking to seal a deal with a famous scientist and prospective business associate named Phunsukh Wangdu. Chatur sees Wangdu, who has hundreds of patents, as his ticket to further social prestige. When they find Rancho's house, they walk into his father's funeral, and find a completely different Rancho Jaaved Jaffrey. After accusing the new man of stealing their friend's identity and profiting from his intellect, the host pulls a gun on them, but Farhan and Raju turn the tables by seizing the father's ashes and threatening to flush them down the toilet. The householder capitulates and says that their friend was a destitute servant boy who loved learning, while he, the real Rancho, was a lazy wealthy child who disliked study, so the family agreed to let the servant boy study in Rancho's place instead of labouring. In return, the real Rancho would pocket the qualifications and the benefits thereof, while the impersonator would sever all contact with the world and start a new life. The real Rancho reveals that his impersonator is now a schoolteacher in Ladakh.

Raju and Farhan then find Pia, and take her from her wedding day to Suhas by performing the same tricks with his material possessions, and having Raju turn up to the ceremony disguised as the groom and eloping with Pia in public. When they arrive in Ladakh, they see a group of enthusiastic Ladakhi children who are motivated by love of knowledge. Pia and the fake Rancho rekindle their love, while Chatur mocks and abuses Rancho the schoolteacher. He asks Rancho to sign on a DECLARATION OF DEFEAT document. And sees that Rancho is using the pen which ViruS had gifted him. Chatur snatches the pen from Rancho and starts to move back. When Rancho's friends ask what his real name is, he reveals that his real name is Phunsukh Wangdu and phones Chatur, who has turned his back, and tells him that he will not be able to sign the deal with him because he has his pen. He asks Chatur to turn around meet his prospective business partner. Chatur is horrified and falls to his knees, accepts his defeat and continues to plead his case with Phunsukh to establish the business relationship he was after.


On 29 June 2010,Spain has shown up their skills by beating Portugal in a great match at Green Point Stadium in Cape Town.

Spain booked a quarter-final date with Paraguay by beating Portugal 1-0 in Cape Town, a 63rd-minute David Villa goal proving the difference between the two sides.
David Villa had the lone goal for the Spaniards who have booked a date with Paraguay in the final eight.

For me, this match is one of nerve wracking match ever for me. I watched this match live on Astro Supersport, an official World Cup Channel in Malaysia.

Below are some of my comments about Spain against Portugal MATCH:

-Such a great match whereby a great defensive by Spain-
-Awesome skills being shown by both team-
-David Villa 4th goals during this 2010 Fifa World Cup-

A goal from David villa helped Spain to win that match. If Villa can keep his momentum and consistency in making goals for Spain, i bet that he can be the best player in 2010 Fifa World Cup.

Spain's defender Carles Puyol (L) heads the ball ahead of Portugal's striker Hugo Almeida (C) next to Spain's defender Gerard Pique during the 2010 World Cup round of 16 football match Spain vs. Portugal on June 29, 2010 at Green Point stadium in Cape Town.

Spain celebrating their victory......


shots on target : 8 - 3
shots off target : 5 - 5
possession (%) : 62 - 38
corner kicks : 6 - 3
offsides : 0 - 3
fouls : 13 - 18
yellow cards : 1 - 1
red cards : 0 - 1

I hope Spain will beat Paraguay to make it intO semi final...
Dont forget to watch Quarterfinal match, Spain vs Paraguay on 3 rd Of July 2010........
I am looking forward to hear a good news from Spain after that match........
GO GO GO SPAIN..........................

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I m back !!!!!!!!!

Sorry to all of my blog followers because i m not updating my post since January 2010.Effective from next week i will post some stuff that sure you will love it much.If you have any suggestion on how to improve my blog please let me know k...