Monday, December 7, 2009


Ninja turtle was there!!!!!!

King CoBRA!!!!!!!!!!!!I M DA KING OF DA WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

Iwan,joe n me...!!!!

SNAKE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unexpected trip???? It's sound very funny.This is because the trip to snake temple is not in our plan on that day.Our main agenda was becoming the second agenda.Once again sorry to my bro gloy because this trip is not in my early plan.I am promised will bring you all on the next semester,k...

ON the last 18 October 2009 we were invited by my Calculus lecturer ,Puan Nurhayati to attend her son wedding ceremony. We took bus from Sungai Dua to RECSAM Cafeteria,the place where the ceremony take place.Then, we enjoyed all the food served there and thanks to Puan for the invitation.

After refilling our tank with a massive amount of foods and drinks,then, we are taking a bus to snake temple as what suggested by Joe..The journey took 40 minutes from RECSAM.

Suddenly,Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Such a nice place to visit but my snake phobia cannot be hide here...I m felt like joining the fear factor (better than The biggest Loser asia-dont forget tonite was the week 3). After 2 hours in da temple we took picture with the snake with the charge Rm30 for 3 photoS...WTF!!!!!..IT is so damn expensive.....LOLZ...

After this trip i have concluded that expect the unexpected....Really enjoy the trip..and i m looking forward to explore another tourist spot in Penang....

On my next post, i will share to you about My st john annual camp that held in Kem Sri Impian in a few week ago...A lot of excitement...a massive amount of energy that i need to generate...thousands of adventurous activities...a big numbers of cute girls...and in the end..quite exhausting and tiring experience so far in my life...So wait for the next post k!!!!!

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